Stone Sculpting Workshops - the African way

We are offering three weekends of Zimbabwean Stone Sculpting Workshops in 2017. They accompany our Open House Exhibition of Zimbabwean stone sculptures and art from Nigeria. Each workshop is run by two talented and experienced tutors.

The workshops take place in the garden of AfricArt, the same venue as our Open House Exhibition - see BRIGHTON FESTIVAL

Dates for the 2017 Workshops:

3 weekends:
May 6-7, 13-14 and 20-21 May

For further details, please contact
Renate on 01273 565404 or email:

Children aged 10 plus are welcome. If you are a beginner or just love working with soft stone, you have a choice of green, white, red or spotty opal or yellow jasper. If you are more experienced you can use any of the above plus some of the harder stones such as the brown/ black serpentine, purple lepidolite, bright green verdite, multi-coloured cobalt or black springstone.




Our tutors enjoy sharing their skill and enthusiasm for sculpting with the workshop participants. Everyone comes away with a piece of their own design made from raw stone specially brought over from Zimbabwe.

These images were taken during workshops at AfricArt's Sculpture Garden in Brighton over the many years they have been running.

These are samples of beginners' and practising sculptors' work, achieved in a 2-day workshop:

  • There is a choice of stone, in different colours and different degrees of softness/hardness,
    i.e. soft yellow jasper or opal in many different colours;
    medium hard cobalt or lemon opal; or
    very hard springstone, lepidolite or verdite.

    The stone is specially imported from Zimbabwe for the workshops, as it is not available in Europe.
  • Raw stone is for sale throughout the year by appointment. You do not need to attend a workshop to buy stone.
  • All the tools are provided for the workshops.
  • If you would like to find out more about the workshops, please contact Renate on Tel: 01273 565404, mobile: 07804302265 or email:
  • The workshops provide an opportunity for cultural exchange as well as acquisition of new skills. And it's great fun too.



Educational Outreach Programme

We collaborate with other organisations for the provision of Zimbabwean stone sculpting workshops. We can also arrange lecture/slide presentations on the historical background and current sculpture practice in Zimbabwe. Our partners have included the Royal Society of British Sculptors, the Natural History Museum, Schools, Colleges of Art & Technology, Universities and a number of Arts Festivals. If interested in collaborative events, please contact Renate Braimah, Tel: 01273 565404 or email:

Workshops for Disabled People

We would be interested to hear from groups or organisations catering for disabled people or people with mental health problems. If you think your group would benefit from a stonecarving workshop, we could build this into our planning for future years. Contact: Renate Braimah, Tel: 01273 565404, M: 07804302265 or email:

Tel: 01273 565404